Lisa Ling, the 37-year-old talk show presenter and former host of the 'The View', has opened up about the pain she felt after losing her baby just two months into the pregnancy, reports the UK's Daily Mail. Ling and her oncologist husband PAUL SONG were given the terrible news six months ago, following a routine hospital scan.
Ling returned to 'The View' in an effort to break the stigma attached to talking about miscarriage. She revealed how she felt like "an incredible failure" after learning she had lost the baby, and added, "I felt so alone when it happened". The talk-show host, who fell pregnant shortly after the couple began trying for a baby, said she began reading blogs after suffering the miscarriage, saying, "I wasn't ready to tell any of my friends about it. I jumped online, I started pouring through blogs. Once I did start talking to friends, I realized that it's so pervasive. Almost every one of my friends has had one at one time or another but nobody talks about it".
Lisa, who says she still hopes to have children in the future, is set to star in the 2011 documentary entitled, 'Miss Representation', about the un-representation of woman in positions of power in America. The film also features the actress and writer Margaret Cho.