Cops pulled over Lisa Lampanelli 's car last month (Mar12) and gave the American comedienne a formal warning over her poor driving.
The funnywoman, who is appearing on the current U.S. series of Celebrity Apprentice, admits she lost concentration on the road as she ate an ice cream following a show in Pennsylvania - and the police officers were quick to reprimand her.
She tells In Touch Weekly, "I was driving from a gig in eastern Pennsylvania and after I picked up a large MCFlurry at MCDonald's. It was the most delicious dessert I have ever had... I was so in the zone that I must have lost sight of the road, so a police officer pulled me over.
"He asked me if I had been drinking... to which I told him I don't drink, but I had just devoured a tasty dessert and it may have distracted me. He (the officer) was not kidding around. I asked him if he recognised me from Celebrity Apprentice and he ignored me while giving me a formal warning."