Lionel Richie was thrilled when a holistic doctor diagnosed that he simply had acid reflux, after he endured four painful throat surgeries and feared he would never sing again. The DANCING ON THE CEILING star was devastated when doctors told him he might lose his voice, essentially ending his career. He tells US news show 20/20 when doctors told him he may never sing again, "It was the end of the world. "I know this may sound strange, but if your father's dying you write a song. If your divorce is going bad, you write a song. If your voice goes out..." Richie had four surgeries in four years that were unsuccessful and eventually turned to a holistic doctor for help. The doctor asked him what he was eating before bed and the answer - ice cream, protein powder, weight gaining shakes - were found to have caused acid reflux disease, with the acid from his stomach going into his oesophagus and causing his throat problems. He adds, "I was the happiest brother on the planet when I found out that was all it was!"