Anyone who has ever travelled on the London Underground or the New York subway system knows that the experience is usually a dull and laborious affair. The carriages are sweltering and filled with people trudging to and from work, trying to avoid eye contact with everyone else despite the intense proximity of fellow passengers. All of these facets render the latest internet viral sensation as a harm-warming act to enliven the dreary public transport experience.

New York City SubwayMusicians like to show off their talents on the subway, apparently [Getty/Spencer Platt]

Earlier this summer, members of the cast from the Broadway hit Lion King broke into spontaneous song on the New York A-train. The resulting video is currently doing the rounds on social media. The A Cappella version of ‘The Circle Of Life’ leaves many passengers enthralled, clearly delighted to have their journey brightened by the performers impressive talents sing and clap along to the spectacle. Others, however, react with a passive indifference with a few even keeping their headphones in through the song’s entirety. But the Lion King cast’s impromptu performance is far from the first to take place on a subway system. We take a look at some other examples.

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