Review of Living Things Album by Linkin Park

As part of the post-Millennium nu-metal movement, the sextet that comprise Linkin Park found huge success with their debut 'Hybrid Theory', but have retained their popularity after seeing peers like Limp Bizkit and Papa Roach fall into obscurity. Now on their fifth studio album, they see out the latter part of the summer on a tour of North America.

Linkin Park Living Things Album

Having alienated a section of their fans with the experimentation of previous record 'A Thousand Suns', it would be easy to return to a tried and tested formula, particular when commercial success is nothing to be afraid of for an act like Linkin Park. 'Lost In The Echo' certainly brings the rap-rock style back and is an effective opener, but also displays an eagerness to utilise the synth skills of Joe Hahn, a blend of nu-metal-nu-rave if you will. Lead single 'Burn It Down' has a similar direction and trademark Chester Bennington vitriol, while 'I'll Be Gone' is a huge anthem in the mould of previous hit 'Numb'. The softer vocal approach for 'Castle Of Glass' comes off well, but the second half of the record is slightly filler-heavy, with only the closing 'Powerless' making a strong positive impression and 'Victimized' being a metal mess. It isn't - and nobody likely expected - a record to catapult the band into the category of legends, but at least there shouldn't be any need for a Fred Durst style revealing home video just yet.

Alex Lai

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