Over the last few months, barely a day has passed by when we haven’t learned something about Lindsay Lohan. We’ve talked about her driving offences, we’ve discussed whether or not she hit someone with her car. We’ve listened aghast, at a phone call between her and her father, which suggested that her own mother had conned her out of several thousands of dollars. We’ve talked about her forthcoming movie Liz and Dick and whether or not the actress (because that’s what she is… remember…?) can turn her career around, after all of her personal problems. But there’s one thing that no one seems to be talking about. The elephant in the room, if you will: Why the hell is Lindsay Lohan looking so old?

We’re not entirely sure what happened to Lindsay’s face but seemingly overnight, she seemed to age to the point that the 26 year old now looks more like she’s in her 40s. Not only that, she sort of looks a little bit like a 26 year old, who looks like a 40 year old, who’s had plastic surgery, to make her look like a 26 year-old. We hope you’re following this…? We’re clearly not the first to have noticed this change in Lohan’s appearance. Already, “Lindsay Lohan looking old” is one of the highest Lohan-related Google searches, as is “Lindsay Lohan plastic surgery.” 

Lindsay Lohan Shopping

Lindsay Lohan shopping in California

Dr. Damon Raskin, an addiction expert at the Cliffside Malibu treatment facility, explained to Fox News that substance abuse ages the body, as well as adding to the fine lines that can appear on your face, making you look older. “Key signs that indicate aging and not taking care of herself are changes in the skin tone and texture” and that’s certainly what we’re seeing in Lindsay. “She needs to stop using drugs, drinking and smoking,” Raskin then added. “She needs to drink more water, and exercise.”

Her new partner, Josh Chunn is a fitness trainer and seems to have her best interests at heart, so we’re sure that he’s been telling her all this and more. But is Lindsay Lohan ever going to listen? 

Lindsay Lohan Leaves LA Restaurant, July 2012

Lindsay Lohan looks older than her 26 years, as she leaves LA restaurant, July 2012