Lindsay Lohan’s much anticipated reality show has had its premiere on Oprah’s OWN channel and well, it’s everything we might have expected and more. In the first part of the docuseries we’re treated to an inside look into Lohan’s new life, which is kind of like a more sober version of her old life. There was plenty to talk about in the debut episode, but here's the 5 main things we took away from watching the premiere of  ‘Lindsay’.

Lindsay LohanA new Lindsay Lohan? Maybe with Oprah's help

Lindsay’s in a transition

‘Transition’ was the key buzz word of the show as the actress constantly used it to talk about her new life  as she tackles sobriety. The 'transition' sees Lindsay leaving rehab, moving to New York and trying to get her life back on track. Will she suceed? Well the actress claims she doesn't need to party anymore because, ‘there’s no party I haven’t gone to, no person I haven’t hung out with.’ Yep Lindsay’s done it all.

Lindsay has a lot of stuff and it's all in boxes

Since Lindsay is currently living in a hotel whilst she looks for an apartment the actress has had to put most of her stuff in storage and boy does she have a lot of stuff. Lindsay has so much stuff that she seems to need her own warehouse to store it in. She’s also got so much stuff she doesn't know what half of it is! While going through her many, many boxes we see her find stuff from her Elizabeth Taylor movie, a black ball gown thats been stuffed in a box, stuff belonging to her sister and best of all a t-shirt that says ‘Fetch’. Sadly mother Dina didn't seem to remember the joke as when Lindsay pulls it out Dina starts to look for a brand label before Lindsay says ‘it was for Mean Girls!’ Come on Dina, you must have seen it.

Lindsay LohanLindsay at the 'Liz and Dick' premiere in 2012

The Lohan's love each other very much

Speaking of Dina, reconnecting with her family is a big part of Lohan’s life now. Moving to New York means she's closer to her mother who can’t stop gushing about how happy she is to have her home. Though it seems the pair may have a few things to work on, as when Lindsay comes across her rehab diary she talks about how Dina was barred from visiting her. Then there’s Cody, the youngest Lohan, whom Lindsay awkwardly hugs and tells him she loves him. Also there’s sister Ali, who we now have to call Aliana, she’s a model which makes Lindsay very proud even if she’s dressed up like Princess Leia at a funeral on the runway.We just can't wait till Dad Michael makes an appearance.

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