We've lost count of all the Lindsay Lohan arrested stories; they get mixed up with all the Linsday Lohan gets caught doing 'x', or Lindsay Lohan fights 'x',  all of which lead us to the former, now award winning headline. Yes, Lindsay Lohan has been arrested outside New York nightclub on an assault charge early Thursday, Reuters reports.

Meanwhile in California, she was charged with reckless driving and lying to police over a car crash in June. If you keep reading them, we'll keep writing them. She was on a third-degree misdemeanor assault charge after punching another woman in the face at a club in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood, New York police said. In all likelihood, this will just provide a wholly negative backdrop to a largely bleak picture for Lohan; she's in trouble for lying to cops about her position in her Porsche that crashed into a big truck. 

She's been to rehab, as well as gracing jail and court on numerous times occasions since her 2007 arrest for drunk driving and cocaine possession. She's currently on informal probation, following her January 2011 conviction for stealing a gold necklace from a California jewelry store, and her latest string of bad behaviour won't do much to keep her from prison, where this time, she might be facing an extended stay. We're all for second, third, fourth sixth and even seventh chances, so if you're up for changing your ways Linsday, we'll find another way to report on you.