Being bailed out by a strip club... wow. The latest twist and turn in the crazy life story that is Lindsay Lohan, is that her storage locker; the one she might lose as she's in terribly financial strife, might be saved by Scores strip club in NYC.

Aside from some pretty valuable items in that locker, there's some (allegedly) risque stuff in there too, and it's stuff Lohan would probably like to keep private. So, along comes one of New York's most famous strip clubs to offer their good will in keeping it safe from the auction house. That's normal, isn't it?

In a letter obtained by TMZ, the strip club says: "Dear Ms. Lohan," that's a good start, "On behalf of all of the staff at, allow me to express our sincere concern for your recent cash flow dilemma. Having a Beverly Hills lease for $8,000 a month, coupled with your storage facility costing $16,000, we can see how it may appear overwhelming to overcome these financial obligations." The letter continues, "However, we here at would like to assist in alleviating this distressful situation."

Well isn't that nice, and 100% NOT aimed at getting unparalleled focus, attention and marketing opportunities for their strip club, huh? It's not often a big company will simply 'help' a person out, especially when it comes to financial troubles, but the nice folks at Scores Live are just like that. We'll be going for our sarcasectamy shortly.