Lindsay Lohan has a new lawyer going by the name of Mark Heller, a brave but potentially stupid man for taking on Lohan, he's already telling porkies on her behalf. The young star is meant to appear in court after her probation was revoked before Christmas, but having fled to London for NYE and now hiding out in NYC's SoHo she claims she's too sick to travel to California to appear in court, reports TMZ.

Despite being Lindsay's lawyer, Heller hasn't even been approved by the judge in CA. By California law you have to have a license to practice law from California, but can apply to represent someone with support from someone else in state that practices law there. Heller managed to get a woman who has never practised law, but does hold a Californian license to sponsor him. 

Apparently, Heller submitted evidence that Lindsay was sick with an 'upper respiratory problem' in the form of a doctor's note and an article from almost three weeks ago claiming that New York was suffering a flu epidemic. Three weeks ago Li-Lo was in London though...

Despite this evidence being somewhat dubious, what confirms to us that she's telling some whopping white lies is that she has been seen out and about in the New York district shopping and smoking. That's not what sick people do. If the judge rules that she's been lying Lindsay could have a warrant for her arrest issued Has no one ever told Lindsay that cheaters never win?