Lindsay Lohan's problems with the law have been rife over the past few weeks, but her finances are pretty serious as well. Owing hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax, as well as more in rent, she's probably pretty desperate for a better cash-flow. 

There are a few ways to save money, and according to RadarOnline she's opting for the rent-free place at her mum's. All this seems a little dubious given that according to Yahoo she posted a photo of a big ol' diamond necklace and earrings on Twitter. However, it appears she's since deleted it.

Apparently, a source told RadarOnline that she's "flat out broke" and that she has a truly awful credit rating. Apparently, a "two-bedroom apartment in North Hollywood" would be too pricey for the star, adding that "she wouldn't be able to muster up a security deposit, let alone meet the rent every month." Yikes! While she's been able to find help in the past by friends co-signing for her, "she couldn't find anyone willing to do that now as she has burned so many of her friends and associates."

In distinct contrast to all of her money-woes, Yahoo reports that she posted a photo on twitter of an enormous diamond necklace, with a lit cigarette, adding the caption: "Smoke like a lady." Perhaps she didn't get the memo that ladies don't smoke. Also, ladies that have a bunch of diamonds but can't pay rent, don't broadcast they have a bunch of diamonds.