Everyone knows that a core feature of the Scary Movie franchise is poking fun at everyone and everything, and the jokes are never gentle.

Lindsay Lohan apparently got more than she bargained for when she starred in the latest installment, though. A working script (that’s pretty far from the final cut, if you haven’t guessed) reveals that the film is packed with jokes at LiLo’s expense – some of them clever, others less so, TMZ reveals.

The writers, much like every gossip column for the past five years, never miss an opportunity to mock Lindsay’s numerous driving offences, her frequent visits to court or her history with substance abuse. At the very start of the movie, Lohan is reportedly in the midst of making a sex tape with co-star Charlie Sheen (naturally), when she blurts out “Okay but let's do this quick, I got a court hearing in the morning ... It's a driving mishap thing.”

We have high hopes for her acting in this part, since it sounds like a line she’s had to say more than once. The gags get progressively funnier/more scandalous, depending on your point of view, as the film goes on, referencing Lindsay’s odd sexual preferences and her terrible driving. At one point she reportedly runs over Charlie Sheen, before moving on as if nothing strange has happened. Wonder if that part will end up on the cutting room floor.