Samantha Ronson is worried she's become addicted to her Blackberry.

The DJ - who has an on/off romance with Lindsay Lohan - admits she is constantly on her phone, which is also connected to the internet, and realised she uses it too much when it switched itself off.

She tweeted: "My blackberry just turned itself off. Do you think it's trying to tell me something?"

Another celebrity fan of the Blackberry is Kim Kardashian's boyfriend Reggie Bush.

The couple were having an argument on the socialite's twitter page about which phone is better, the Blackberry or the iPhone, which Kim owns.

Following both of them giving their opinions, Reggie wrote on Kim's page: "PAAAALLLLLEASE! Get out of here w your iphone talk! Do u want to start a war again. U will never convert me!

"How about u stick with your lovely iphone + I stick w my trusty blackberry and we both will live happily ever after. Love ya babe (sic)."