Speaking to Access Hollywood, Lindsay Lohan addressed the rumours that a 'friend' has been circulating about her thinking of adopting a child. "I need to find out who this friend is because that's been going on my whole life of people telling things that I think are my friends," she said, adding "That's no one's business."

While not entirely refuting the rumours, we're thinking (hoping) that by not confirming them, she's denying them. Right about this time would just not be great for LiLo to become a mother, amid rife criticism of her career as well as being called back to court in January having lied to police about crashing her car earlier this year. 

Despite being evasive about the adoption rumours, she seemed to speak fairly openly about her career. "I love being on set and you know, sometimes it takes people a long time to recognize that. But after doing this movie, it just made me want to keep working so I intend to keep doing that," she said. 

She also confessed to Jay Leno this week that she's been in love a few times, but that that's okay. "I have a very few loves. And [Liz] actually has a quote that she said is she's infatuated with being in love. And I don't see anything wrong with that... I think that love comes and goes and you know, when you find the right person eventually then it's meant to happen. But it's okay to fall in love all the time... [at the moment] I'm more focused on work than anything else." This small interview seems to only scratch the surface of Lindsay's life, and we're just hoping that she'll reschedule that interview with Barbara Walters ASAP.