Lindsay Lohan is facing an uphill battle to get her finances into order, however few could have imagined that her monetary situation is so bad that she would get offers from strip clubs to see her debts eliminated. Until now, that is.

According to TMZ, the troubled star received a sizeable offer from NYC strip joint Scores to have her appear as one of their topped billed dancers in order to pay off the $16,000 she owes out for payments relating to a storage locker, where she is keeping some of her belongings for the time being. The contents in the storage container are said to be personally valuable and potentially embarrassing for the actress, and will be up for public auction if she does not pay back what she owes, in whatever way possible, in due time.

It's not every day a strip club plays the good guy, but this time they are doing just that as the famed New York club looks ready to jump to LiLo's rescue. They have not only offered to pay for her storage bill, but also offered to foot the bill for the rent at her Los Angeles mansion, should she appear at the club.

Attempts to reach Lindsay for comment on the Scores offer have been made, but she has yet to respond to any calls. Still, we're not going to be quick to claim that LiLo will just dismiss the offer on the table, considering the storage locker could be filled with all kinds of things that she would rather not go public. And lets not forget, she has also done spreads for Playboy in the past and appeared nude in the film Machete, so lets not rule out another venture into the adult entertainment world just yet.