Lindsay Lohan rejects offer from Dancing With The Stars.

Does Lindsay Lohan think she’s too cool for ballroom? According to TMZ, the troubled actress – who has fallen from grace so many times now, we’re amazed she hasn’t broken any bones – turned down an offer to appear on the celebrity dancing contest because she “doesn’t want to do reality TV.”

Just to put this in context, the offer laid on the table would have been in the region of $550,000. This is the girl who recently accepted a donation from her Scary Movie co-star Charlie Sheen to help get her out of her debt with the IRS. Lindsay, you might not ‘do’ reality TV, but after your recent spate of problems whilst filming The Canyons, you could soon find that you don’t really ‘do’ acting, either. Lohan is quickly rendering herself unemployable and continued brushes with the law will only reduce the opportunities available to her. A rep for Dancing With the Stars refused to reveal whether or not Lohan had been offered a slot on the popular show. “We don’t comment on casting,” said the rep.

This isn’t the first reality TV rumour to have sprung up with Lindsay Lohan as the subject matter. Earlier this month, it was rumored that she’d be going into the UK’ Celebrity Big Brother house. Nothing came of that and it looks as though this one’s a non-starter, too. 

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