It seems that someone out there wasn’t happy that Lindsay has been trying to brush off her bad girl reputation and promote herself as just your regular girl-next-door in her new documentary series. A shocking list, allegedly penned by Lohan herself and posted on InTouch Weekly, documents 36 of her celebrity lovers. But is it genuine?

The list was allegedly written by Lindsay in an attempt to show off to friends, and she was giggling and “talking s**t about people in the industry” as she jotted down the names. She was reportedly trying to impress her friends by listing her conquests, and once she was done just discarded the note on the side. Finder’s keepers, Linds!

lindsay lohan sex list36 names appear on Lindsay's list

Among the names on the list are Nico Tortorella, Evan Peters, Jamie Berke, Garrett Hedlund and many names that have been blanked out, presumably because the men are married or in relationships. Or were just fast enough to get an injunction taken out before the list went public!

The higher profile names include Adam Levine, Zac Efron (which LL has spelled ‘Zack Effron’), Justin Timberlake, Joaquin Phoenix, James Franco, Heath Ledger and Jamie Dornan. It was reported that Lindsay had been dating The Dark Knight star Heath Ledger around the time of his tragic death. Joaquin Phoenix blew us away as well, who would ever have put those two together? We hope that Joaquin hadn’t been out partying with Linds in the old days, we would hate to think that he was on the same tragic path as his older brother, River, was.

We’re a little more surprised to hear about Justin Timberlake, does anyone else remember back in 2009 when Perez Hilton alleged Justin was fooling around with a girl who was NOT Jessica Biel in a club and Lindsay, who apparently witnessed the whole thing, tweeted: “...where’s jb [meaning Jessica Biel] cheater?” It’s more than a little sly for Lindsay to have tweeted such a public message when another person’s feelings were involved, but perhaps she had been on the receiving end of Justin’s advances in the past and felt scorned? It does sound like the tweet of a bitter ex!

justin timberlake sex list Justin appears on the list of men penned by Lindsay

Lohan’s love life hasn’t been limited to the men on the list, she also had a high profile relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson in 2008, which eventually ended as Ronson didn’t enjoy the media attention that came along with Lohan.

‘Lindsay’s List’ has sort of knocked us sideways. We can’t figure out whether she really has had flings with all of these men, or if the list was penned for another reason? It may have been something more innocent than a sex list. Also, who is the mysterious source who leaked the list? Was it Lindsay herself, trying to stir up interest for the future tell-all book she’s indicated is in the works? But then we also wonder why she is trying so hard to act squeaky clean on her new TV show, surely this list just undermines her whole new persona?

So many questions, someone please give us an answer!