Disregard whatever you may have read about this year's Celebrity Big Brother, because it turns out Lindsay Lohan won't be appearing in the upcoming series of the reality show.

LiLo arrived in London yesterday, mere days before the latest season of CBB is due to get underway, and almost immediately the rumour mills began spinning at unprecedented speeds suggesting that she is in the country to appear in Chanel Five's hit reality show. However, these rumours have been shot down today after Lindsay vehemently denied the claims that she is going into the Celebrity Big Brother house, and considering that she gets followed by cameras every day already, we can understand why she may not be interested in joining the housemates.

According to TMZ, sources close to the actress/tabloid darling say that the idea of Lindsay appearing in the CBB house is "completely untrue" and absolute "nonsense." One source in particular sums up how absurd the idea of LiLo's participation on the show would be, asking how the star could commit herself to the show for its long run when she has a court date next month? It really is a good point, isn't it?

So it looks like rather than committing herself to being locked up in the near future, it will be the call of the judge to decide whether she will be getting locked up or not.