Lindsay Lohan is on course to complete her alcohol education classes.

The 23-year-old actress - who was ordered to complete the programme as part of her 2007 sentence for cocaine use and driving under the influence (DUI) - is due to finish the classes by July, despite having missed some of the lessons.

A source said: "Lindsay will finish her alcohol education classes on time by July 2010.

"This date was set by Judge Marsha Revel, and even though there were some weeks that she missed class, Lindsay made up the class the following week by going twice."

A report on her progress is currently being prepared.

Meanwhile, Lindsay has denied claims she had a screaming row with Avril Lavigne - who reportedly branded her "fake" and "a loser" at Los Angeles hotel Chateau Marmont.

The 'Mean Girls' star said: "That is not true. I don't know why I am such a target, but I think there's a big misconception of who I am as a person.

"I've been working a lot, and it's not a crime to go out and have fun with your friends... I do realise it's silly of me to give people what they want - to see me out at night."

Yesterday (11.05.10), Lindsay's father Michael was reported to have begged a judge to send the troubled actress - who has denied an addiction to prescription drugs - to rehab.

His lawyer Lisa Bloom wrote a letter to the official presiding over her DUI case, which read: "It is clear to Michael that the current court-ordered condition of her probation - namely, that she is required only to attend alcohol education classes - is insufficient. "

The letter went on to ask a judge to "order Lindsay into an inpatient residential drug and alcohol treatment programme".