Have you missed the Lindsay Lohan Twitter feed? We say it like that because you never know who's running these things, although considering the inane slurry of poppycock that fills that hideous timeline, the smart money's on Lohan.

We're just joking Linsday! We're not. But she is back on twitter; that we're not joking about. She announced her comeback with a picture of thanksgiving dinner in homage to Throwback Thursday - a social media tradition that dictates one should post a photo from 'a while' back. So there you have it folks, an inane, insignificant reason to post boring photos. Right up Lindsay's street! "#tbt A not so distant past-Thanksgiving dinner with the fam @aliana @mikelohan @dinalohan cody & guest @drinkmrpink," the Liz & Dick star wrote this morning, accompanied by a photo of her rather unappetising looking lunch. Still, it'll be better than prison food, right?

Poor Lindsay, we really are joking. We're not. Lindsay is in big trouble, so don't get used to her tweeting, unless jail has wifi, and you're allowed smartphones in there. Knowing Lohan, she'll manage to either get one, or be let off early so she can get right back to normal life; lying to cops, getting drunk and punching people outside clubs. They're just some of the reasons she's in trouble in the first place. Anyway, no - we really are joking; she's not so bad.

No we're not.

She is.