After Lindsay Lohan’s Twitter account was hacked, she had the chance to denounce all the ridiculous tweets she’s sent, but she missed that opportunity, and only denied one ill-considerd post. The Hurricane ‘Sally’ tweet was genuine.

When "How does Hitler tie his shoes? from @oatmeal," appeared on the star’s feed, who has 4.5m followers on the micro-blogging site, alarm bells started ringing. It was, of course, a hacker, who was quickly stopped in his or her tracks. Lindsay then had the chance to distance herself from some weird tweets, in which she characterised Hurricane Sandy as Sally and criticised people for being down about the storm, which has claimed lives and will take millions of dollars to clean up in the middle of a double dip recession. But instead, she chose to simply address that last one, tweeting "My twitter was hacked, please ignore the last tweet." The actress, fashion designer, model and recording artist can now go back to commenting on natural disasters, politics and current affairs with the same modicum of ignorance she applies to her work.

Fans were quick to criticise Lohan for posting: "WHY is everyone in SUCH a panic about hurricane (i'm calling it Sally)..? Stop projecting negativity! Think positive and pray for peace." We can only wonder what she’ll comment on next, once she’s made her mind up on which presidential candidate she supports.