We used to do it in school; try and get out of certain classes, saying we were ill with some expertly forged doctor's note. But Linsday has taken it a step too far, claiming she's too sick to go to court today, Wednesday, Jan. 30.

Reports suggest that Lohan had come down with the flu and had a note from a physician who determined that she was not healthy enough to fly. However, photos of her shopping in New York surfaced on the same day, making her story somewhat flawed. Lohan is being charged with violating her probation following a June car crash in which she is accused of obstruction, providing false information to an officer, and reckless driving. Wednesday's hearing was supposed to address issues in advance of her upcoming February trial. Lohan has set a precedent for this, too: she also missed a hearing in 2010, claiming at the time that she was stuck in France because her passport had been stolen.

Oh how we'll suffer if it turns out she's suffering from some life-threatening illness, and physically can't make it to the airport. Then again, it's 2013, video-call trials anyone? It would certainly cut out pulling a sicky.