Last month (January 2012) it was reported that Lindsay Lohan was in talks with film producers regarding playing the role of Elizabeth Taylor on a forthcoming movie. Today, The Daily Mail writes that Lohan was successful in landing the role and will play the iconic screen legend in the upcoming film which is expected to be entitled Elizabeth and Richard: A Love Story.
However, there are conditions surrounding the troubled actress' appearance in the film. Lohan must stay on the right side of the law for a start. She is currently serving a probationary sentence for a number of offences including Driving Under the Influence. At a court hearing last month, a judge praised Lindsay for adhering to the terms of her sentence thus far, saying "I'm pleased to say she's done it all. Just keep doing what you're doing, you appear to be doing it well. The probation officer has written a favourable report, as has the volunteer centre." The original conviction for Dui came in 2007 but Lohan has previously broken the terms of her probation, hence why the sentence is still ongoing.
The movie about Elizabeth Taylor - who passed away last year aged 79 - has been in development since her death. It is expected to be produced by Larry Thompson. It is as yet unclear who will play the role of Richard Burton. Lohan was originally in the running to play the role of Linda Lovelace in the biopic about the adult movie star. However, she was replaced by AMANDA SEYFRIED.