Lindsay Lohan is starting slowly-but-surely to turn things round with regards to her community service, and with another probation hearing coming up tomorrow on January 17th 2012, the star can be confident that she'll once again pass the test - even if she left it a little late to complete the required amount this time round.
Back at November's hearing, a judge ruled that the 25 year-old was required to complete 12 morgue visits and four psychotherapy sessions by her next turn in court, reports entertainment site Lohan's duly done just that although reports are that she didn't complete the final shifts until the weekend, working at the morgue on both Friday 13th and Saturday 14th January to ensure she'd done the time. Still, it's a darn sight better than when she started last Autumn having initially been turned away from a Women's Help Centre for repeated no-shows and then turning up late for her first shift at the Los Angeles Coronary Office.
The pressure doesn't get any easier for Lohan however even with another good showing. This'll be the halfway point of the star's probation period. At another hearing on February 15th she'll have to have completed another 12 morgue sessions and 4 psychotherapy sessions and then subsequently need to finish the remaining 17 morgue sessions and 6 therapy classes before her final hearing on March 29th. The outcome if she doesn't keep to this? 270 days in chokey.