Lindsay Lohan hasn’t shown much interest in her current court travails … until now. Perez Hilton is reporting that the troubled actress has, having seen her old lawyer quit, decided that she’ll be attending her the decision on her probation violation herself, and has even gone so far as to reject a plea bargain that would’ve left her with nine months in rehab.

Lohan apparently might even be taking to the stand herself, after her new lawyer Mark Heller advised her to go for a boom or bust to the case – which could see her face prison time if convicted. A source told Perez “Mark believes he can get Lindsay acquitted of all criminal charges stemming from her car accident in Santa Monica last summer. Lindsay has convinced Mark that she never lied to cops when they asked her if she was driving the car that day.” Continuing they added “There was a plea bargain offer on the table for Lindsay to go to rehab for nine months, but she absolutely refused that. Mark won’t sign off on a deal that sends Lindsay to rehab for more than 60 days.”

And in a move that would be bold, there’s talk of Lohan taking the stand herself: “There is talk of Lindsay taking the stand because she feels that once a jury hears her side of events she will be acquitted” the source added.

Lindsay Lohan in London

Lindsay Lohan's probation case dates back to a car crash last year