Lindsay Lohan's parents have been advised to have therapy at the Betty Ford Center.

Dina and Michael Lohan are reportedly planning to undergo regular counselling sessions at the health facility - where Lindsay, 26, is currently staying for 90 days after pleading ''no contest'' to a car-crash which she was involved in last year - to help their troubled daughter on her road to recovery as professionals think their

A source revealed to ''Families are encouraged to participate in group therapy. Lindsay's counsellors want to get Dina and Michael to Betty Ford for a series of sessions in the next few weeks. They feel like having her work through her family issues could help Lindsay's recovery.''

Despite the alleged request, Dina has dismissed the notion and is still demanding her ex-husband to pay $8,500 in child care support for Lindsay and her siblings.

She complained: ''Where did you hear that from? News to me! I have a warrant for child support against him ... he owes thousands in back child support.''

Michael, on the other hand, insists he is happy to attend the sessions if it will help the 'Mean Girls' actress battle her addictions and reckless behaviour.

He stated: ''I'll be there for anything she needs. I will gladly attend, like I've always wanted to. It's the only thing that will give Lindsay resolve and a chance to finally have her life and both parents back in her life.

''This is about Lindsay, not Dina or me. Our family needs healing and that's the only way Lindsay is going to beat this.''