Last week Lindsay Lohan made one of the worst mistakes of her life - firing her long time attorney Shawn Holley. This week brings new bad decisions, and her new lawyer is Mark Heller, who could only find sponsorship by bringing out a woman who hasn't practised law in almost 20 years, TMZ reports.

Under Californian court rules, if your license doesn't extend to CA, to represent anyone in court you must be 'sponsored' by someone else who is licensed to practised law in that state. Lindsay Berger Sacks is the sponsor but she has never been in court defending or prosecuting anyone - but did pass the bar. More worryingly, however, she has never actually met him. 

Mark Heller has one helluva job to do with Lindsay. Holley seemed to do the impossible and keep her out of jail for the past five years - aside from a few days - and now Heller has been employed to do the same thing. In an in-depth look at Heller by the NY Times in 2010 which sees the testimony of past clients against him, one claims he was "verbally abusive" against her, while another said that he had told her he "[played] golf with the judge in [her] father's case, and that he would pay him off." 

Heller was suspended from practising law for a while and but reinstated soon after... he has been sued numerous times by his own clients since and generally seems like a character to be avoided. That's proof that Lindsay is a client to stay away from too - the two will make a good pair. He might not keep her out of prison, but by the reports of his attitude, he'll give her a run for her money.