After successfully starring in David Mamet's 'Speed-the-Plow' on London's West End, it seems Lindsay Lohan's wild days are behind her, at least that is what her mother, Dina, and littler sister, Aliana, are saying anyway.

Linday Lohan
Lohan is "in a really good place," her family members say

As she has now completed her lengthy run in theatre, Lohan's mother Dina recently told the New York Daily News that her daughter "knows who she is" now.

"She had eight shows a week; it was a 10-week run," Dina continued. "She never missed one. They don't write that in the Daily News: She never missed a day."

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Putting her partying days behind her has not just benefitted Lohan personally, but also professionally as well. "Lindsay's an amazing actor, and she's lost without her craft," her mom added.

As well as starring in a production on the West End, the former Disney star has also permanently moved to London, and it seems she has no desire to move back to the States anytime soon. When Lohan was recently asked about returning to her former stomping ground, she simply replied, "I won't live again in LA, hell no."

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But Dina thinks Lohan doesn't hate her home country, she is just haunted about her bad experiences with the press over there. "Lindsay loves New York, loves L.A., but it's just been a memory for her that wasn't good: when the press, when the paparazzi started. It all started with the weekly tabloids when Lindsay and the Simpsons (sisters Jessica and Ashlee) and Paris (Hilton), they all were targeted," she explained.

"She's in a really good place," Lohan's little sister, Aliana, added. "You have to just find yourself, everyone has. She knows who she is."