Lindsay Lohan's publicist Steve Honig - i.e, the man with the hardest most stressful job in the world - has quit his role. Honig, who also reps for Courtney Love, told the New York Daily News of his departure, "It was last night.I really feel very firmly that it's private and I don't want to say anything."

It's hardly unsurprising given Honig has done very little publicizing in recent years, and lots and lots of spinning. In fact, if you think of all the stupid things Lohan has done in the past 12 months, Honig has probably made double that amount of stupid things disappear. He helped the actress through her theft court case, attempted to polish her image during her 'Liz and Dick' comeback, stepped in when she was accused of running someone down with her car, denied that she stole jewellery from a Los Angeles socialite and steered her through the whole Michael Lohan controversy. It all leaves the actress in a very precarious situation, given her current financial situation. In text messages between Michael Lohan and Lindsay's lawyer Dave Feldman - obtained by - it is suggested that Lindsay is making stupid business decisions and recklessly stashing her money. 

Whoever takes the vacant role as Lohan's publicist will have to job of talking up her performance in the forthcoming movie The Canyons. It might be quite difficult. Have you seen the trailer?