Lindsay Lohan's assistant has reportedly denied turning her in to police.

Gavin Doyle is said to be claiming he never told police the troubled actress - who has always claimed she wasn't behind the wheel of the car during an accident on Los Angeles' Pacific Coast Highway in June and police were conspiring against her - was the driver behind the wheel.

Sources close to Gavin told gossip website that he neither confirmed or denied Lindsay was the driver and he is said to be accusing law enforcement of twisting his words to push criminal charges against his 26-year-old employer.

He claims when officers interviewed him shortly after the crash - at the hospital where the 'Liz & Dick' star was being treated - that he only said 'okay' when they told him they knew she was driving because they saw seatbelt marks on her left shoulder indicating she was the driver.

Gavin believes officers pounced on his non-committal comment to back up the account of the truck driver Lindsay hit to push through charges against her.

Lindsay believes Los Angeles cops have a ''vendetta to bring her down'' and thinks they are pushing for her to be jailed for lying about the crash.

Lindsay is ''terrified'' of going back to jail because Judge Stephanie Sautner has told her she will violate her current probation if she breaks the law again.

She reportedly told friends: ''One car accident could ruin everything for me.''

Lindsay is on probation since being found guilty of stealing a necklace in July 2011, for which she was sentenced to 120 days in prison and 480 hours of community service, and is telling pals she has since done everything right to abide by the law.