Lindsay Lohan is on a complete crack down on drugs, drink and other such nastiness as she looks to rid herself of all the addictions and afflictions that all but ruined her once glittering career. One place Lindsay is finding this particularly difficult though is at the Betty Ford Centre, where the actress has just finished 30 days' worth of treatment and has decided that the renowned facilities there won't be enough to keep her around for her court-ordered 90-day stay in rehab, so she's gone elsewhere.

According to a report from TMZ published this week (June 13), the Mean Girls actress has had enough of the Palm Springs rehab centre and has decided to spend the rest of her court-ordered stay in a rehab centre in Malibu, named the Cliffside. Whilst this seemingly goes against her court order, the prosecution and judge that initially charged her to enter rehab earlier this year have both agreed that moving to another facility will actually benefit her in the quest for sobriety, sources close to the LiLo-situation confirmed to TMZ.

Lindsay hasn't messed around in getting to the new facility either and she is reportedly already a patient of the Cliffside rehab centre, having checked out of the Betty Ford Centre on Thursday (June 13) this week and committing herself to Cliffside almost immediately afterward.

When Lindsay was first sentenced to a stay in rehab this year after countless run-ins with the law, one condition was pleaded on Lohan's behalf; that she can take the prescription drug Adderall into rehab with her. As she enters Cliffside, we're not certain whether her Adderall access has been allowed to continue, but sources close to he situation have said that "It's doubtful."

Lindsay Lohan Letterman
The actress is on her way to another rehab facility

Lindsay Lohan Letterman 2
She isn't expected to be able to take in her Adderall to Cliffside