Lindsay Lohan may not be able to complete her 90-days at a lockdown rehabilitation facility...because such a place doesn't even exist! Lohan's lawyer Mark Heller told prosecutors he could get his client into a 90-day lockdown rehab center in New York City, though according to, there are zero non-jail rehab facilities that will keep patients locked down anywhere in America.

There is one facility in New York connected with the prison system, though you have to have a felony record to get in, which Lindsay doesn't have. The entertainment website also checked to see if Lohan could complete her 90-day lockdown rehab in California, but there isn't a facility in that state either. Rehabilitation guru and television personality Dr Drew said, "There is no rehab that will hold you against your will, unless they feel the person is a suicide risk, and in that case they can hold the individual for 72 hours."

Obviously, this presents a big problem for Lindsay, given her actual sentence of 90 days in jail was waivered in favour of the lockdown rehab. Sources say the prosecutors genuinely believed such a facility existed when they offered the plea deal. Regular rehabilitation centers apparently don't cut it for Lohan, who snuck out of the Cirque Lodge in Utah and allegedly pulled the same stunt at the Betty Ford clinic in California. report that Lindsay was drinking while partying in Los Angeles on Friday.

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan's Lawyer Mark Heller [R] Negotiated A Plea Deal That He May Not Be Able To Honor