With Lindsay Lohan starring in two fairly major productions this year, a biopic of Elizabeth Taylor called Liz&Dick which aired last weekend, and a movie written by Bret Easton Ellis called The Canyons alongside James Deen, the hope was that she was sorting herself out. Alas, our hopes have been consistently dashed to the wind as more and more news comes to light about her undesirable behaviour. Most recently it's her arrest for punching a woman at a nightclub on Wednesday night.

TMZ broke the story. Apparently the star was arrested at 4am after punching a blonde woman on the left side of the face and once cuffed repeated "Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?" According to the Chicago Sun Times sources, who were witnesses to the crime, said that she ""truly flipped out and punched that woman for no good reason," with another adding a potential reason behind the attack: "Lindsay apparently didn't like the way the woman and her husband - plus the couple who were with them - were looking at her." 

Lindsay is already under probation, which is in jeopardy due to her summertime vehicular problems that saw her crash her Porshe into a truck. At the time she told the police she wasn't driving but has since recanted that, nevertheless it means she's being charged for reckless driving, diverting the course of justice and lying to a police officer. She's already due back I court for that, but she's having to add extra dates to her diary in relation to this latest skirmish. 

She's undergoing a pretty difficult time at the moment, with financial problems as well as reportedly tackling alcholism which apparently sees her downing up to two litres of vodka a day.