Linsday Lohan's judge will revoke her probation on the grounds that she violated it by breaking the law, TMZ has reported.

Never far from the headlines, be it for a misdemeanour offence, dodgy acting or saying the wrong thing, Lindsay is facing more strife; her probation for stealing jewellery is to be revoked by her judge in light of her arrest for lying to cops. She had told the law that she wasn't driving the Porsche last June when it slammed into an 18-wheeler on Pacific Coast Highway, but it turns out she was. And who knew? Lying to the police is a crime. Because of this, when the Santa Monica City Attorney files the criminal case against Lindsay, it will go to L.A. County Superior Court Judge Jane Godfrey for arraignment, and at that time, she'll revoke Lindsay's probation and set the matter for a full hearing, on grounds she violated her probation in the jewellery case by breaking the law. Whoops. 

Stephanie Sautner, the judge who handled the 'missing' jewellery case will not be involved in this case, as when Lohan was sentenced, the probation case was sent to whatever judge is hearing the next criminal case against her. We're not sure if that's good or bad news, but it's probably bad, isn't it? It usually is. Stay close for more news as it breaks.