If this is a joke then fair play, because Lindsay Lohan's latest cry out for attention might be her funniest yet as the troubled star left everyone scratching their heads by announcing her pregnancy via Twitter yesterday (April 1 - April Fools Day). The actress, who is currently dating City Of The Sun guitarist Avi Snow, posted the message at around 10.30pm PST - a good few hours after the noon deadline for the day's jokes, but it's possible that Lindsay just forgot/didn't care about the rules for a minute and decided to do a funny anyway.

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan, master prankster?

So far Lindsay and her representative team are refusing to comment on the status, so that just leaves us to ponder whether or not Lindsay is a practical joker who doesn't know when she has gone too far or whether she is in fact pregnant. To be honest, the likelihood of LiLo being pregnant doesn't seem very viable, she isn't the kind of girl you'd expect to want to be settling down any time soon and given that the troubled star has just spent the weekend partying in Brazil it's doubtful that she'd be sharing such a serious piece of information in such an upbeat manner, especially with the hangover she's probably nursing.

Recently Avi, her boyfriend, spoke about their blossoming relationship with E! News and given the way he was tip-toeing around the question about whether or not the two are getting serious, it seems unlikely that those two will have just decided that it's time to settle down. That said, stranger things have happened...