Trouble never fails to find Lindsay Lohan, or rather, Lindsay Lohan creates trouble for herself. She's still on probation for the theft of jewellery back in 2009, but that was up for review this week. 

It has been widely reported that Lohan's probation may be revoked after she crashed her Porsche into a truck back in June this year, and then lied about it to police. Of course, her lies were found out when numerous witnesses came forward, but the event has lead everyone to believe that her probation was likely to be revoked, which may result in a prison sentence of up to 8 months, reports the Sun.

She could have helped herself out even just a little bit by showing up at court to defend her case, but instead she's spent the past week following Max George, of The Wanted, around like a lost puppy. Although a tweet saying "I love the UK" made everyone believe she'd hopped on their plane to London, she had in fact stayed in the USA. While some believed this was to attend court, she still didn't bother. Her attendance wasn't obligatory, and maybe her absence was a good thing, her appearance anywhere over the past few years seems to far too often result in the police's involvement. 

Her next court appearance will be January 15th, her attendance to which is compulsory, to find out what her punishment will be. She's been to prison before but has never fulfilled her sentence term. Perhaps actually staying in prison for 8 months will encourage her to change her ways.