Lindsay Lohan, the American actress currently serving house arrest in her Venice Beach pad, says her legal restriction meant she couldn't attend her brother's 16th birthday party. Lindsay Lohan, who pleaded no contest to stealing a necklace from a Californian jeweller in May, was able to serve her sentence from her $2.25 million, 3000 square-foot home.
In her first print interview since the sentencing, Lohan told Life & Style Magazine she misses Los Angeles life outside the confines of her own house, saying, "I'm a very social person, and I like being outside, especially in Venice Beach. I'd like to get out more - just going out and having dinner. The actress, who lives in a three-bedroom, four-bathroom triplex, added, "I was really upset not being able to go to my little brother's birthday party. He just turned 16. That bummed me out". The 24-year-old claims she doesn't keep alcohol in her house but admits she may return to the nightclubs upon her release on 29th June 2011, adding, "I don't think you should ever say never".
Once released from house-arrest, Lindsay Lohan is set to begin work on the highly anticipated crime drama 'Gotti: In The Shadow of My Father', about the New York crime boss John Gotti and his son. Lohan has been cast as the wife of 'Gotti Jr'.