Lindsay Lohan's unofficial relationship with Max George from The Wanted is rather unexpected, especially given that she's reported to have met his parents in Manchester. It's getting serious!

Lindsay has been in the UK since before the new year, and had a relaxing night in to bring in 2013 while Max and the rest of the boys from the band were in the US. However, as TMZ reports, the young red-head is still in Britain and spending more time with Max, apparently she has even met his apparently!

They have kept in pretty much constant contact since they met on the night she was arrested for hitting a woman in a club in New York. She then followed them around as they did a couple of shows, before heading out of the US in late December. According to TMZ "Max was adamant about her meeting his family." However, they're still not official, as it were, they are just friends that enjoy hanging out., which is perfectly okay. But meeting the family? Well, maybe Max is just trying to save Li-Lo from her troublesome family - plenty of negative reports about both her mum and dad have been bandied about recently, including Dina Lohan's (her mum) allegations of rape against her father, Michael Lohan.