As expected Lindsay Lohan was given a glittering appraisal by Judge Stephanie Sautner at her probation hearing in Los Angeles on Wednesday morning (February 22, 2012). The actress arrived at the court-house early, donning a tan-colored trench coat, mint-green dress and chunky diamond bracelet.
Judge Sautner - who is deemed to have taken Lohan under the wing in recent months - got straight down to business, saying, "The way I figured it and we talked, there's 14 more days of community service and five more therapy sessions. Ms. Lohan, you're in the homestretch, OK?". Sautner said the probation officer was also pleased with the actress's progress and commented, "You seem to be getting your life back on track and that's what we've all hoped for". It certainly seems as though Lohan is creeping back into the A-list celebrity spotlight for positive reasons - she has reportedly landed the role of Elizabeth Taylor in a forthcoming biopic, and recently completed filming the movie 'Inappropriate Comedy', with Oscar-winner Adrien Brody. The Mean Girls star is now just one progress hearing away from getting back her clean-record - she only needs to complete 14 more days of community service and attend five more therapy sessions by March 29, 2012. She also has $3,500 in fines to pay, though that shouldn't be a problem considering her payment for the Playboy spread was a reported $1 million.
Wishing Lohan good luck, Sautner ended the hearing by saying, "After March 29, all you have to do is obey all laws, stay out of trouble and move on with your life". It seems the actress is ready to comply with the judge's request - on Tuesday she tweeted, "sorry for the ups and downs... only going up up up from here!".