Lindsay Lohan's current trial in which she is being accused of stealing a necklace from a Venice jewellery store has taken a new unexpected twist.
The prosecution of Lindsay Lohan has taken a bizarre twist after surveillance images of her in the jewellery store where she is alleged to have stolen a necklace were posted online, reports the Los Angeles Times.Stills of the video footage, which were posted by 'Entertainment Tonight' are described as being a "potential headache for prosecutors" because the material is seen as incriminating evidence against the actress. However, sources close to the case say the development could also bolster Lohan's case as it suggests the store wanted to make money by accusing the Hollywood actress of theft. The 24-year-old has been charged with stealing a $2,500 necklace from the store. The 'felony grand theft' case is the most serious of the string of charges that Lohan has faced in recent years and if found guilty she could spend considerable time being bars.
Lindsay Lohan recently spent three months at a rehabilitation centre under the orders of Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Elden S. Fox, who spared the actress jail time after she tested positive for drugs while on probation.