We all know Lindsay Lohan isn't the most straightforward of people; she's a professional actor, sure, but her extra curricular activities attract more headlines than her work in television or film. Larry A. Thompson has opened up about working with the unpredictable star in Liz and Dick. 

"As a producer, there were times that I would think to myself, 'Larry, you made the right decision to run this risk for this potential,'" he told The Los Angeles Times. "But sometimes living with the right decision is more difficult than making it. Lindsay was living up to 100% of what she had promised me -- I was never concerned about the level or depth of her performance. But some of her bad habits were harder to break, and that increased the level of challenge for both of us. There were certain behavior patterns that made the production problematic." While they had to forge a coherent working relationship, it's not something that extended to their personal lives. "We don't hang out together," Thompson joked.

Lohan's antics outside of acting aside, it's only fair to judge her talents from time to time. Unfortunately, they're not as prolific and prominent as her arrests and ill-timed comments, and in Liz and Dick, they've been universally panned; condemned to mockery and funny drinking games in one review.