Lindsay Lohan needs to be careful with who she's getting in trouble with. The star is once again the subject of news reports after it was claimed that she had a scuffle with someone in a hotel, however the New York Daily News is reporting that this was no standard reporter or snapper, but a member of staff for an Illinois Republican political party member.

Police are saying that the actress took Christian LaBella's phone off him after he took pictures of her partying; Lohan is claiming that LaBella got physical with her when trying to get it back. Of the incident, Lohan's mother Dina said: "She's very shaken up," adding "Thank God he didn't have a weapon". 25 year-old Christian LaBella met Lohan when the latter was on a night out; he works for Republican John Shimkus and is also the nephew of known comedian Heather McDonald.

The pair had been hanging out whilst out before going back with other members of their party to a fancy hotel. However, here Lohan realised that LaBella had been sending picture of her partying to friends and ran off. Returning, Lohan claims that LaBella choked her from behind and threw her to the floor. Lohan then escaped and informed the police who arrived and found LaBella. An assault charge was dismissed after the actress refused medical attention and didn't seem to be seriously hurt.