Lindsay Lohan was reported to have left her hotel for a night out, only to return in the early hours, followed swiftly by a handsome gent who she'd been chatting to at Boujis, just beforehand, according to the Daily Mail. 

Her last minute partying has further fuelled speculation about a possible stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house, the latest series of which begins later on today. She'd managed to keep a low profile over new year, having promised to stay in and not be the kind of wild child that she's known for. She managed to do that - to everyone's surprise, but her low-key approach didn't last long. Although, as for drinking, she was seen leaving with two bottles of water. Good choice Lilo- stick to it!

Despite the rumours still in motion, Lindsay needs to be back in the US and in court by January 15th to find out her sentence. Back in December her probation was revoked for a theft she committed in 2009 and she could face up to 245 days in jail. As yet she's barely fulfilled 10% of any sentence so even if she does get the full 245 days it's largely unexpected for her to see more than 45 minutes of actual jail time. 

Big Brother have been pestering her since 2011, and it could either be brilliant or terrible press for her- either way, if she were to sign a deal it'd definitely make a sizeable dent in her debts, of which she's amassed hundreds of thousands of dollars.