Lindsay Lohan has gotten herself a new tattoo, lyrics from fellow New Yorker Billy Joel's 1989 song 'I Go to Extremes.'

According to a source speaking to TMZ the 25-year-old actress felt the new tattoo was important because "It represented where she is in life and everything she's been through, it signifies that she's focused." The lyrics are tattooed across her rib cage and read "Clear as a crystal sharp as a knife I feel like I'm in the prime of my life." Lohan went to Shamrock Tattoos in Los Angeles for the work to be done adding to her other tattoos which include 'shhh' written across her index finger and a Marilyn Monroe quote along her right wrist which says "I restore myself when I'm alone."

The former child star first rose to fame in 1998 starring in the Disney movie The Parent Trap before later appearing opposite Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday where she accidentally switches bodies with her overworked mother. She then filmed Mean Girls in 2004 which is considered her break-out film, grossing over $120 million worldwide. But this was shortly followed after by a series of controversies including a 2007 arrest for drink driving. She is due to start filming Mob Street which is the real life story of the mafia's involvement in Wall Street.