Lindsay Lohan, the American actress currently under house arrest in Los Angeles, has failed an alcohol test and will return to court today (23rd June 2011). Lindsay Lohan will appear in front of Judge Stephanie Sautner for a probation hearing after she reportedly failed one of two sobriety tests last week, reports
The actress, currently serving house arrest for misdemeanour theft of a diamond necklace, failed the tests shortly after hosting a rooftop barbeque. Probation officials will urge the judge to send Lohan to prison for defying the terms of her supervised probation, stemming from Dui's back in 2007. Shortly before news of the failed test emerged, Lohan axed an interview with the 'Today Show' host Matt Lauer after the television presenter had flown across the country to chat. Lohan's spokesperson told the New York Daily News the actress was caught off guard when Lauer arrived at her home around 4pm with the intentions of taping an in-depth piece for the 'Dateline' programme. Lindsay had reportedly assumed she was taping a 15 minute segment for 'Today'. Her representative noted, "She woke up thinking it would be a brief Today show segment. And you can't just all of a sudden go from that to let's sit down and talk about your life for two hours. She wasn't mentally prepared".
Lohan pleaded no contest last month to charges she stole a necklace from a Venice Beach jeweller.