We've heard it before, but Lindsay Lohan is about to get out of rehab and this time she's determined to walk away from her troubled past of drink and drug abuse for good. Lindsay reckons however that this time she can do it, because she's planning on heading straight to the source of her trouble; the bad influences in her life who constantly seem to be dragging her back into the world she wants to leave so desperately.

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Lindsay wants her sobriety to stick this time

According to a report from TMZ, Lohan has made two lists of all her acquaintances that she deems to have a negative impact on her life. The 27-year-old actress then intends to cull all these bad influences when she finally does leave rehab on Wednesday (31 July). According to the report, Lindsay has made a list of 80 close associates who she wants out of her life for good and a much shorter list of people she intends on keeping close to. She has apparently shared her decisions with some of her closest friends, who have routinely agreed with her choices.

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Will she be cutting her dad out of her life too?

Lohan is currently holed up at the Cliffside Rehab Centre in California where she is serving out a 90-day sentence, stemming from a string of driving-related run-ins with the law. She had previously served time in the Palm Springs Betty Ford rehab centre, but changed mid-way through when she found it to be detrimental to her progression.

With the news of these lists, the question that remains is whether her father, Michael Lohan, will make it on to the list of "toxic" frenemies. Papa Lohan has been frozen out by his daughter in the past and the actress has a history of bad blood between him. Could her stay in rehab spell the end of their relationship for good?

Lindsay Lohan
Will she stick to her sobriety this time?