Actress Lindsay Lohan has banished another friend from her inner circle after discovering the so-called pal was tipping off the tabloids about her whereabouts.

The Mean Girls star has been working to rebuild her reputation and her career since enduring a string of legal run-ins and stints in rehab and prison in recent years, but she admits she's still learning about who she can and can't trust.

Lohan tells Us Weekly magazine, "It feels like s**t. I'm so naive. But I had to learn the hard way. Recently, I found out one of my close friends was giving a detailed account to a newspaper of what I was doing all the time.

"In the past, I would probably still be hanging out with that person. Now, it's like, 'No, I've been busting my a** and I'm happy and doing well, so get the hell out of my life.'"