Lindsay Lohan is being arraigned today in court for three criminal charges, and given the issues she’s had with the law stretching back over the past few years, you’d think that this is the point where she’ll finally be getting put on the road to prison. Not so though, according to TMZ.

The charges Lohan is being called up for relate to a car accident on the Pacific Coast highway last June, including lying to the police. What is expected is that Lohan’s probation – which she’s currently on from the widely reported jewelry heist case – will be revoked and the actress will be forced to move forward to a formal hearing where, if found guilty of committing a crime, she could face 245 days in jail.

So game over, right? No, apparently the judge in charge of the case, Commissioner Jane Godfrey, looks over the Drug Court and is well versed in dealing with issues surrounding those struggling with substance abuse. Apparently she’s a keen advocate on making people go through counselling and rehab instead of jail, to the point where she throws them graduation ceremonies and buys them gifts out of her own money to reward them if they win their battle. However, Lohan really isn’t doing herself any favors, with the Daily Mail reporting that she’s flying with UK group The Wanted to London for their show instead of turning up to court today. For just how much longer can she dodge jail?