It’s community service or bust for Lindsay Lohan (bust means jail in this scenario). Back in 2014, Miss Lohan was sentenced to a month of community service, 15 days of which she is yet to complete. As of November 6, her final deadline, Lohan had served half of her term. However, the judge then extended her term until this coming Wednesday. Lindsay went to the Community Service Volunteers in London Friday and Saturday, and her plan was to go Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, according to TMZ.

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay allegedly said she will get it done by Wednesday.

With the Wednesday deadline approaching, it looks like Lindsay will have to scramble to get it done ASAP. Over the past few months, Miss Lohan has had plenty of reasons to put off her community service – from her vacation in Bora Bora to her hospital stay last week for Chikungunya – a disease she allegedly contracted during said vacation. Her detractors have suggested that this might be no more than an excuse to get out of her remaining community service. 

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Now the troubled starlet has the threat of jail time hanging over her head, with the judge likely to recommend it, if Lohan has not completed all thirty days by Wednesday. The situation is made worse by the fact she is on probation for her reckless driving case in 2012, when she slammed into an 18-wheeler.