Lindsay Lohan has bought her family jewellery in a bid promote harmony among them.

The troubled star has been using her 90 days of court-ordered rehabilitation treatment to reflect upon her past mistakes and is making amends by giving her family anchor-shaped pendant necklaces to represent their supportive influence on her life.

Lindsay, her mother Dina, and her brother Cody already had the chain, so the 27-year-old actress has decided to give the pendant to her dad Michael, sister Ali and her brother Michael Jr. in order to bring her family together, TMZ reports.

The 'Mean Girls' star's action has been inspired by her councillors at the Betty Ford rehab centre in Rancho Mirage, California, who were worried the ongoing conflict is an impediment to her recovery.

Michael was so moved by her gesture when he visited Lindsay this weekend, he bought all the chains himself and sent them to her address so she can give them out in person.

The actress' father believes she is looking ''phenomenal'' and is on the path to recovery, but wants Lindsay - who agreed to go to rehab as part of a deal after pleading ''no contest'' to charges of lying to police during a car crash last June - to be transferred to the Lukens Institute in Florida because he doesn't think his daughter should be around medicinal drugs.

Michael recently said: ''She is doing phenomenal, I mean awesome. There is a lot of healing going on. This is only the beginning of the process and she has 60 more days. She did say that at the beginning of the month that she wants to leave and go to Lukens.

''They are giving some people in here medication, Valium, and other narcotic medication, you don't do that in rehab. Lukens doesn't treat people like that.''